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BT TM-15 Tactical Paintball Marker

The BT TM-15™ is THE choice for any hardcore woodsball or mil-sim paintball player. Its high performance magnesium body is strong, yet light enough in weight for all-day action. Equipped with features usually found on much more expensive markers, the BT TM-15 features a true electropneumatic operating system as well as reduced sound signature for stealth firing in any of the multiple firing modes. With the standard multiple Picatinny rails, accessory options are nearly endless. Internal airline operation eliminates external hoses. Flip up front and rear sights let you choose traditional sighting or stow away for sight clearance.

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BT TM-7 Paintball Marker

The BT TM7 paintball gun is the new hotness in the paintball world, in utilizes both speedball and woodsball into one sick gun. The TM7 paintball gun uses Mini Technology which is currently used by world class tournament paintball teams so you know your gun can keep up in the speedball arena. BT also customized it to their liking to fit into the woodsball style of play as we’ll as adding there unique adjustable stock, sight rail and adjustable front grip

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BT Omega Tactical Paintball Gun

The BT Omega Tactical Paintball Marker puts authentic milsim looks and feel into your hands without sacrificing performance or your wallet!

Inside the tough cast aluminum body is the proven BT blowback system, yet to keep shooting through the worst of conditions. The body features an integrated high-rise carry handle and magazine well. The plastic magazine opens up to conveniently store any tools, o-rings or small batteries you may need to keep your gear running all day in the bush. The 6 position collapsible stock keeps the Omega shouldered tight, adjusting to whatever length you and your mission require.

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BT Delta Elite Tactical Paintball Marker

The BT-4 Delta Elite Tactical Paintball Marker combines milsim looks with high performance upgrades to your next game. Based on one of the most popular submachineguns in use by police and military around the world, the Delta Elite features the BT Electronic Gripframe for high ROF Semi/ Burst/ Full Auto modes and the sound-activated Rip Clip Electronic Loader for fast dependable forcefeeding of paintballs at a low price.

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