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Tippmann Valor Goggle

The most notable feature is the high performance toroidal scratch and fog resistant lens and quick release system. The toroidal lens focuses more light directly onto the eye to provide better clarity in a variety of light conditions, while the quick release system allows for fast and easy lens replacement. This patent-pending quick release lens system offers lens removal or attachment in less than 60 seconds.

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vForce Morph Paintball Goggles

Best all-round protection and long term comfort, with the ultimate Flex Frame for Scenario Play.

· Ultimate Flex Frame for maximum bounce
· QuickChange™ lens for easy replacement
· Maximum Peripheral Vision for unrestricted view
· ThermoCured™ AntiFog and AntiScratch lens endure intense play
· Optional tinted lenses available: Yellow, Smoke, Mirror or Photo Chromatic

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vForce Grill Paintball Goggles

Tight, light and with a mean sleek look, VForce™ Grill™ simply is the top of the line mask system. It includes a number of bold innovations such as the revolutionary foam-swap system.

· QuickChange™ Convenience Features
- QuickChange™ ClickDry™ Foam System:
For fresh, dry foam in a snap.

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vForce Armor Goggles

This entry level paintball goggle features low-profile protection and optically correct vision. Ideal for novice and amateur paintball players who want maximum protection and clear vision.

Low profile ergonomic protection – Looks good with a minimum of surface area
Optically correct, undistorted clear vision – These lenses are rounded so you…

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Spyder V-Type Paintball Goggles (Add’l Mirrored Lens)

Java V-type Single lens goggles offer sleek styling and full protection at a great price.


Extended Face guard for added protection
Built in Visor
1 piece design
Flexible lower mask for comfort
190 degree field of view
Hed-Lok system

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Spyder V-Type Paintball Goggles

The Java V-Type paintball goggle with Thermal lenses offers you sleek styling and full protection. It brings you reliable performance with an anti-fog coating, dual-density foam, an extended face guard, and a flexible lower mask.

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US Army Ranger Goggles Camo

The official U.S. Army Ranger performance goggle from Tippmann® features an advanced anti-fog lens. It’s made to fit your style and your game with an ergonomic frame, a quick-release lens, cosmetic-grade face foam, and a fitted visor. 160° vertical and 260° horizontal vision offers the ultimate field of view.

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vForce Profiler Goggles

From the fanatic intensity of top international competition…
Optical Superiority: Never miss a shot!

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Dye i4 Paintball Goggles

Product Description
The Dye I4 Pro is one of the lightest goggles on the market in professional paintball, lightweight is crucial to performance. The less your equipment weighs, the better you can perform and focus on the game. We’ve reduced the overall weight by 20%, giving you every possible edge.

The i4 [...]

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