Hammerhead Straightline Rifled Paintball Barrel 16 inch

Tippmann Straight Line Barrel

Developed in collaboration with Hammerhead, the Tippmann Straight Line Barrel combines Hammerhead’s popular spiral rifling and reverse porting to give you one of the most accurate paintball barrels you will ever put on your marker.

The Tippmann Straight Line Barrel Features:

  • Gun–Drilled Barrel Improves Accuracy Through Unmatched Consistency in Bore Size
  • True Spiral–Rifling Provides Scientifically–Proven Rotation for Accuracy and Control
  • Three Sizers (.688, .686, .683) with Patent–Pending Seamless Connection, Matches Ball Dimensions with Barrel Radius for Optimal Air Efficiency
  • Removable, Reverse–Ported, Counter–Bore Muzzle Break Improves Accuracy by reducing Turbulence at the Barrel Exit
  • Deluxe Padded Case Provides Protection for Barrel and Sizers
  • Barrel Case Included
  • Aluminum construction
  • Length: 16 inches
  • Fits the Tippmann A5/X7 or 98 Custom/Pro

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